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The Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming Competitor Proof
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Do you feel OVERWHELMED by contradictory information about how to grow your online business?
Have you LOST SIGHT of what works and what doesn’t for your audience?
Are you TIRED of WASTING TIME... trying to figure it all out on your own?
Ever wish you had a PERSONAL GUIDE and a clear roadmap to take the guesswork out of your success?

Let me tell you... You’re not alone.

The world of online business changes so quickly that it can seem impossible to keep up... and like you're falling BEHIND. Just in the last few years, the strategies that used to work now FALL FLAT. Offers that used to bring sales… Just don’t.

Feeling confused, spent, and discouraged… has become the “norm”.

It makes you wonder: Does online entrepreneurship EVEN work anymore? What is the TRICK… And WHY do others seem to do SO WELL?

Finally... you may think: Is it even worth it to keep going?

Yes! It Bloody IS!

In fact… Right now… Like… 2017… Is the PERFECT time to start or grow your online business.

Why NOW?

I’ll show you—using a timeless tool that’s been buried in your toolbox all this time:

Your OWN Experience. And THAT experience is...

Your PERSONAL Brand.

Meet your guide

Hello... I’m Chris Ducker: serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, proud Brit, and founder of the Youpreneur Academy.

I’ve spent the last 12 years starting and growing successful businesses all over the world,=. But it wasn’t until 7 years ago that I UNLOCKED the most important piece of any entrepreneur’s success story: it’s YOU. Your authentic personality... your unique solutions... and your genuine desire to HELP the people you want to serve!

Leveraging and building on my personal brand has helped my platform to explode!

For instance... I now speak to a monthly audience of tens of thousands. I travel all over the world speaking at major events. And... I support my family as a… wait for it… Youpreneur.

Yes, it’s such a departure from the "old school" entrepreneur... that we need a whole new word!

So... what IS a Youpreneur... exactly?


Youpreneur, power noun:

A smart, savvy entrepreneur who builds a
thriving, timeless business from the strong
foundation of his or her personal brand.

YES! I'm talking about YOU, my fellow...

Coaches, bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, speakers, authors, experts and digital marketers.

Once I discovered the secret, I knew I had to pay it forward.

Chris Has Been
Featured In:

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Youpreneur-ship IS the Future of Business!

Make no mistake: The old ways of doing business DON'T WORK anymore. The game has changed, and I’m committed to helping Youpreneurs around the world to discover and act on the new secret of business success:

If you want to succeed as a 21st century online entrepreneur, you MUST
build your personal brand.

But how?

Introducing the Youpreneur Academy!


My exclusive Youpreneur Academy is a 12-week guided tour through the new rules of business and the strategies you need to build a business in 2017.

Remember that feeling of OVERWHELM about how to succeed? Well... In the Youpreneur Academy, I’ll be your PERSONAL COACH every step of the way. TOGETHER, we’ll dive deep on everything from the basics to the ninja advanced strategies, and you’ll graduate in just 3 months with a rockstar personal brand business that WILL change the world for your ideal customers.

I’ll be personally guiding you through everything you need to know in three consecutive tracks:

Track 1: Building Your Personal Brand (Weeks 1-4)

Let’s start at the beginning: this track is all about defining and building your personal brand. What’s more, we’ll build it with PURPOSE, such that it can withstand the ever-changing currents of online business. When you do this the right way, your personal brand business will be immune to (and stronger than!) all the fads and gimmicks around you.

WEEK 1 Defining who you are: Illuminating your purpose, what you have to offer, what your community is willing to PAY FOR and your strongest personal brand-building assets

WEEK 2 Defining your perfect customer: Figuring out who you want to help and how to find them

WEEK 3 Building your online home: Getting your brand right, creating your website, and creating compelling content

WEEK 4 Setting up your social media: Mapping your overall social media strategy, using images, and perfecting your social bio

Track 2: Marketing Your Personal Brand (Weeks 5-8)

Now... it's time to get the word out about your personal brand business. This track covers everything from basic online marketing principles to ninja tips and tricks to boosting your overall marketing awareness. After just one month, you’ll be a master marketer who has begun to build connections with all the right people and opportunities to build your business.

WEEK 5 Exploding your marketing: How to create content that matters and spreads your message

WEEK 6 Advanced positioning strategies: How to become a recognized, respected expert in your field

WEEK 7 Expanding your reach: How to develop strong entrepreneurial relationships that will help spread your message even further

WEEK 8 Getting serious about email marketing: Use funnels and other ninja tricks to grow your list like a pro

Track 3: Monetizing Your Personal Brand (Weeks 9-12)

There are so many different ways to make money from all the hard work you’ve put into building and marketing your personal brand business. This track is focused on powerful monetization strategies that put service, purpose, and generosity at the forefront of your business. It’s amazing what can happen when you monetize the right way, all the way!

WEEK 9 Figuring out what to sell: Audience-focused development, and how to validate your idea early

WEEK 10 Different ways to monetize: An in-depth exploration of the 5 most lucrative, sustainable ways to make money with your personal brand—and deciding which ones are right for you

WEEK 11 Pricing and launch strategies that work: How to price your solutions, how to launch with e-mail marketing and webinars, and how to leverage psychological principles like scarcity and bonuses to super-charge your sales

WEEK 12 Sales and customer service: How to wow your tribe at every turn so they keep coming back for more

If you’re keeping score, yes, that’s a lot of material! In fact, it’s all the material.
It’s literally everything you need to know to get from where you are now to where you want and need to be as a personal brand business.

NO more getting lost.
NO more conflicting information.

Just the soup-to-nuts process you need, and the personal guide who can lead the way to your success as a Youpreneur.

But how will you guide me through all this?

The motto and commitment of the Youpreneur Academy is simple: NO ENTREPRENEUR GETS
LEFT BEHIND. To that end, you and I are about to get to know each other really well!

In fact, I'll be guiding you in 4 DIFFERENT WAYS:


Weekly Guided Email Lessons

I’ll be showing up in your inbox every week for 3 months to personally guide you through the three consecutive tracks of building a powerful, profitable personal brand. Every piece of every track has been tested and proven by me and the hundreds of elite members of the Youpreneur community. It’s the exact process we all follow to build, grow, and thrive as 21st century online business owners!

Youpreneur Academy

Weekly emails and video training will give you all the personalized info you need, but where will you record your takeaways, goals, and weekly action items? That’s where the Youpreneur Academy Workbooks come in: one for each track, which will become your personal accountability documents and growth records.

Video Walkthroughs

Preview each month’s content and get focused on your goals with a monthly video walk-through. These 3 videos will help clarify the outcomes you can expect from each track and keep you motivated month-to-month.

‘Track’ Coaching
Calls with Chris

Together with the other members of the Academy, you and I will hop on an exclusive call at the end of each month to discuss each of the three tracks in turn. I bring my A-Game to these calls, and I expect you to as well. We’re going to dive even deeper on all content, and I don’t leave until you’ve got answers to all your questions.

No entrepreneur gets left behind!

What I LOVE about Chris is his real talk and ‘No BS’ business advice. His bricks and mortar background adds a tangible grit to the real life advice and action steps he gives. With Chris, I am learning to build more than a brand or course, I am building a rock solid business.



Lisa Woodruff

You’ll also get:

Direct access to yours truly

Academy students and alumni get direct, unprecedented access to me on a regular basis. In fact, you’re the only ones who do! I no longer take private coaching clients—all my best material goes directly into resources for and interactions with Youpreneur members.

Between our Academy coaching calls, regular community mastermind calls, private forum conversations, and in-person meet-ups, you’ll have access to me for every personal brand-building question, big or small.

VALUE: Priceless!

6 months of FULL access to the Youpreneur Mastermind Community

The private Youpreneur community forum is like the central campus of the most elite institutions: it is THE best place to be if you want real-time advice, encouragement, and accountability to help you reach your goals.

If it’s true that success is all about who you know, our hundreds of Youpreneur Academy alumni are the people you want to know! Your investment includes 6 months of full, unlimited access to this entire community and all it has to offer.

VALUE: $297!

Since we launched Youpreneur, we’ve seen our community members work and partner with each other, mentor and learn from one another, keep each other accountable, and challenge themselves and others to reach new levels of success.

Learn from and succeed alongside members like:

Berndt Standhaft
Business Storyteller

Kelly Baader
Online Marketing Strategist

Jason Stevens
Digital Tools Expert

Kamal Ellis-hayan
Motivational Youth Speaker

Roger Edwards
Marketing, Content, And Social Media Strategist

Tess Whitty
Marketing Trainer For Freelancers And Solopreneurs

Jason Resnick
E-commerce Growth Strategist

Caroline Mccullough
Content Marketing Consultant

So I’ve only been here for a few weeks (I think it’s one month later this week), but I think I’ve got a business name and tagline after six months of pondering on my own!
Plus this community is just fantastic, I’m so happy to come here a few times a week and get ideas, give support and receive it too. I know I can’t build my business on my own and I know my business will be successful because of my efforts and this group – cheers to Chris for bringing us together!

Lara Loest, Show Notes Made Easy

Youpreneur really is the ONE group I can go to and receive open, honest support. No ‘half’ answers, I am never told that if I buy an additional service or package I will receive the answer I need. Members are fully supportive of one another and we are all invested in each other’s success. As a result of the help I receive from this group, the conversation rates on one of my websites has improved by 4%.

Margaret Meloni, pmStudent.com

Being part of Youpreneur brought me so much clarity at a time where I am pivoting my business. I initially signed up to get all the good info about building a personal brand on the web, and wanted to join the community for a while.

But I got so much more. I build strong connections with some of you, who turned into important, and needed, support. We do business together with some people here in the community. Through masterminds and all those good conversations I had within the community, I got invaluable insights, and could flex my initial plans to nearly 180 degrees, knowing it was the right thing to do for me and my clients. This is something I would have NEVER achieved on my own.

But, of course, the best benefit is the people I built connections with. Thanks to Youpreneur, there’s no question I have to answer alone. I know I can reach out to anyone here, and I’ll get a specialist’s answer. This is invaluable.

Coralie Sawruk, CoralieSawruk.com

I’ve been posting [my growth record] in the forums as regularly as I can and it’s amazing, when you start to log that progress, how momentum seems to build. It’s a combination of the personal accountability it brings, the public encouragement it attracts and the group feedback it generates to refine what you do. Plus, a few months in, you suddenly see how far you’ve come, and that drives you even more.

Colin Gray, ThePodcastHost.com

Within the framework of our international community, there are also dozens of member-led
mini-masterminds focused on specific actions like writing a book and growing a team. If you’ve got a
specific business goal in mind for the future, you’ll find an accountability partner
(or a whole group of them!) inside our forums.

There are also exclusive Youpreneur member meetups happening all over the world, all year long.
Once in awhile, they even have a surprise visitor... ;)

Immediate access to our acceleration library.

The Youpreneur Academy acceleration library delivers over
200 hours of additional training videos, workshops,
done-for-you blueprints, live keynotes, private expert
interviews, and bonus resources. These world-class
resources have never been released to the public—they are
exclusive to Youpreneur members!

Join the Youpreneur Academy and get full

  • Taking Your Community Offline with Pat Flynn
  • Creating an Online Empire with Brian Clark
  • Creating and Marketing Online Courses with Amy Porterfield
  • Running Super Successful Webinars with John Lee Dumas
  • Building a Successful Blog with Darren Rowse
  • Accelerating Customer Service Excellence
    with Peter Shankman
  • The Miracle Morning 2.0 with Hal Elrod


With our exclusive done-for-you blueprints, you’ll also learn the step-by-step strategies you need to:

  • Boost Your Revenue with Affiliate Marketing
  • Develop a Strong Pricing Strategy
  • Develop an Evergreen Content Marketing Strategy
  • Create & Sell a Digital Online Product
  • Run a Successful Coaching Call
  • Run a Successful Webinar
  • Create a High-Converting Landing Page
  • Successfully Launch Your Product or Service
  • Create & Promote Awesome Blog Content


I’ve filmed over a dozen targeted
workshops (and counting!) to walk you

  • Super Simple SEO for Online Entrepreneurs
  • How to Keep Your Clients Forever
  • How to Get Started with Facebook Ads
  • How to Get Media & PR Coverage
  • How to Become a Successful Affiliate
  • 8 Email Marketing Rules You Need to Implement Today
  • Personal Brand Design (for the Future!)
  • How to Hire Your First Virtual Assistant
  • How to Become a Well-Paid Speaker


Did someone say Bonuses?

All Youpreneur Academy members will get a few extras, some of which even our
existing members don’t have yet… over $3,000 worth of things, in fact!


Access to the entire Tropical Think Tank Keynote Archive (including 2017 event - $2,000 Value)

Tropical Think Tank is my ultra-exclusive annual retreat, held every spring in the tropics of the Philippines (cost per ticket in 2017 is $4,500!). The event sells out every single year, but incoming Youpreneur members get FRONT ROW ACCESS to the entire archive of high-value keynotes by the likes of Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, Jadah Sellner, Jeff Goins, Amy Schmittauer, Joel Comm, Carrie Wilkerson, and Lewis Howes—plus more!


'Build, Market, Monetize!' Exclusive Bonus Guide (Only Available to Youpreneur Academy Members)

If you want to learn how to become successful in life, you learn from those that have been there and done it. In this incredible guide, 25 of the worlds top online brand building entrepreneurs share their top tips to building a profitable online business!


'Busy Business Building!' Exclusive Bonus Guide (Only Available to Youpreneur Academy Members)

Time is our most valuable commodity. In this exclusive guide I share proven time management tips that'll not only guarantee you a minimum of an extra hour each day, but more importantly show you what to do with the extra time you create to maximise output!


'Market Your Book to the Bestseller Lists' Video Training ($497 Value)

I give up everything I did to market my first book, Virtual Freedom, to the best-seller lists in this 1-hour training interview. And I mean everything—every single tactic and strategy! If I can become a best-seller as a first-time author, so can you!


'Launch Your iTunes Podcast Successfully' Video Training ($497 Value)

Podcasting is a great way to market your brand, and I’ve launched several to the top of iTunes. In this 1-hour workshop, I show you, step-by-step, exactly how you can top the charts on your next podcast launch!

Meet Your Esteemed Alumni

Every day, our members are using Youpreneur Academy resources and connections (and their own business sense, of course!) to reach massive gains.

Here are just a few ways our alumni are succeeding with their personal brands:

...to cash in on your experience!

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The BEST Investment You Can Make

in 2017 is… IN YOU!





  • 12 Weeks of Coaching
  • 12 Weekly Email Lessons
  • 3 Academy Workbooks
  • 3 Monthly Video Walkthroughs
  • 3 Monthly ‘Track’ Coaching Calls
  • Direct Access to Chris
  • 6 Months Youpreneur Community Access
  • Immediate Access to Acceleration Library
  • Full ‘Tropical Think Tank’ Keynote Archive
  • NEW – Build, Market, Monetize Guide
  • NEW – Busy Business Building Guide
  • Bestseller Book Marketing Training
  • iTunes Podcast Launch Training





Save Almost $100!

  • 12 Weeks of Coaching
  • 12 Weekly Email Lessons
  • 3 Academy Workbooks
  • 3 Monthly Video Walkthroughs
  • 3 Monthly ‘Track’ Coaching Calls
  • Direct Access to Chris
  • 6 Months Youpreneur Community Access
  • Immediate Access to Acceleration Library
  • Full ‘Tropical Think Tank’ Keynote Archive
  • NEW – Build, Market, Monetize Guide
  • NEW – Busy Business Building Guide
  • Bestseller Book Marketing Training
  • iTunes Podcast Launch Training





  • 12 Weeks of Coaching
  • 12 Weekly Email Lessons
  • 3 Academy Workbooks
  • 3 Monthly Video Walkthroughs
  • 3 Monthly ‘Track’ Coaching Calls
  • Direct Access to Chris
  • Immediate Access to Acceleration Library
  • Full ‘Tropical Think Tank’ Keynote Archive
  • NEW – Build, Market, Monetize Guide
  • NEW – Busy Business Building Guide
  • Bestseller Book Marketing Training
  • iTunes Podcast Launch Training
  • Full Youpreneur Community Access Until December 31, 2017 ($599 Value!)
  • Limited Edition Youpreneur T-Shirt
  • Limited Edition ‘Moleskine’ Style
    Youpreneur Notebook
  • Ticket to the 1st YOUCON Event
    Nov ’17 – London, UK ($750 Value!)



Ask yourself this question…

Why isn’t your online business already an international success story?

Life is busy, and while many would-be entrepreneurs were tending to the daily routine, the game changed. It changed so fast that millions missed it altogether.

The worn, comfortable strategies don’t work anymore. The old rules of online business are dead. If you want to succeed in 21st century business, you owe it to yourself to learn the new game and the new rules.

You must build a timeless personal brand.

There’s a reason you became an entrepreneur in the first place. You have something REALLY BIG to share, and you know there’s a tribe out there who needs YOU. It would be my honor to walk you through the process of finding them, serving them, and making a difference in the world.

Your Success…

Your Brand…

Your Future Tribe…

And Your Business… Are Just Waiting On YOU!

Make this year the one that YOU change the game.
Join the Youpreneur Academy today, and let’s get started!


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